A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Paper

In all the excitement in planning your dream wedding, your invitation becomes your guests’ first glimpse into your day. There are many printing decisions you need to make beyond the invitation that will bring the entire celebration together. This quick guide will help you think through all your wedding paper decisions.

Where to start…

Since your wedding reflects your personal style – elegant and chic, casual and laid-back or posh and modern – your invitations are the calling card to display that proudly. You want to ensure the colors you choose complement your style and is woven appropriately to provide a cohesive look. If you are able, identify your preferences as a starting point in your discussion with your stationery consultant.

You need to determine how you want to coordinate all of these pieces – either with identical pieces or different elements that are complementary. Your stationer can discuss all the options with you to meet your needs and ensure that you work within your budget.

What is the timing to consider…

What else  to consider…

  • Collating and Addressing envelopes – Do you have the time to do this or is this something you want your stationer to complete?
  • Purchasing postage – Ensure you weigh the full invitation and purchase the correct postage amount, including postage for response cards.
  • Collecting responses – Do you have the time to do this or would like someone else to prepare for you?
  • Budget – In addition to postage, price per invite can vary depending on the design, paper, print, and quantity so budget accordingly.



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