Photograph by Lovas Photography

Hello Sparrow Friends!

I am excited to introduce myself as your Chief Executive Sparrow. After a very fulfilling career in the corporate world, I hit my mid-life JOY… deciding that I want to be my own boss and create something that is my passion.

Says The Sparrow is hatched from a life-long dream and love of celebrating any occasion with those you love through paper that they can feel, read and cherish. I am very fortunate to have first-hand experience of the joy that paper creates.

My very dear friend of more than 15 years is the epitome of making connections and securing relationships. Opening my mailbox and receiving beautiful cards and notes on every ‘holiday’ throughout each year of our friendship to share her endearing sentiments of encouragement, thankfulness and love is a moment to treasure. Her enduring talent to bond with me throughout these years in this meaningful way will last me a lifetime, and I hope to enhance your capacity to make an impact on someone too.

The name Says The Sparrow marks the childhood nickname that my father called me. The sparrow symbolizes joy and happiness, but my father said that I resemble the bird’s need to constantly sing (a euphemism for talking a lot… I believe it’s because I constantly want to spread joy)! The sparrow signifies my belief that celebrating each chapter of your life journey through paper brings extreme happiness to and beautiful memories for those you love.

We look forward to helping you fulfill that joy!